Annihilator Icon
Faction Scrin
Cost 2800
Produced By Warp Sphere
Build Time 0:30
Role Heavy anti-armor walker
Armament Proton Cannons

EMP Emitter

Upgrades Heavy Forcefield Generators

Tiberium Enhancements

Abilities Heal in Tiberium
Requirements Technology Assembler

The Annihilator is Scrin's heavy anti-armor unit. Because of its armor and powerful proton cannons it can be used in great numbers to defeat armies of more powerful units or bases.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Annihilator model has been changed from the base game, and is no longer a tripedal walker, but a quadrupedal one. The "head" of the walker was changed, so that all three proton cannons are aimed at the same direction, making it 1.5 times stronger than before in terms of firepower but losing it's ability to fire at enemies behind it in the process. It retains its ability to fire an EMP blast at close range, disabling enemy vehicles and structures temporarily. The Heavy Forcefield Generators upgrade allows the Annihilator to take more damage and absorbs one EMP blast, while the Tiberium Enhancements upgrade boosts its weapons to cause more damage.



  • After purchasing the Heavy Forcefield Generators upgrade, the Forcefield appears invisible, though it still works as intended otherwise.

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