Avatar icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 2000
Produced By Nod War Factory
Build Time 0:25
Role Heavy assault walker
Armament 2x heavy laser cannons

Customizable dorsal module

Upgrades Tiberium Power Pack (Tech Lab)
Abilities Voice of Kane (with Voice of Kane upgrade)
Requirements Tech Lab

The Avatar Warmech is the Brotherhood of Nod's heavy assault walker. Its lasers are quite effective against both vehicles and structures, and its different upgrades make it a versatile and even more dangerous unit.

Tiberian Sun Edit

As the Firestorm Crisis came to a close and Nod forces stayed behind to make sure CABAL were permanently destroyed. Only for Nod to gain a new weapon to research, The Core Defender husk that was left behind. Even though Nod weren't able to fully replicate the husk, it was more than enough to give them the technology to create the Avatar.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

In Tiberium Essence, the Avatar serves as Nod's heavy walker. With its dual heavy laser batteries, it can inflict considerable damage even on the toughest of enemy armor. Its design is even more advanced than GDI's own walkers, which allows it to move at a faster rate without sacrificing durability – it is rumored, in fact, that the design for the Avatar's frame may be based on salvaged parts of CABAL's Core Defender, but this is yet to be confirmed. Most remarkable is the Avatar's uncanny ability to upgrade itself even further after its assembly at the War Factory, making it a very adaptable unit in the battlefield.

  • Purifier Cannon - Adds a Purifier-class napalm launcher that inflicts heavy damage on infantry and structures. The cannon can fire independently from the Avatar's main cannons.
  • Tiberium Particle Beam - Modifies the Avatar's laser capacitors into Tiberium heavy particle projectors, drastically increasing their damage output against vehicles.
  • Voice of Kane - Mounts a propaganda emitter that enhances the combat effectiveness of nearby friendly units within a short range of the Avatar.

The Avatar's major weaknesses are its lack of anti-air weapons and, unless the Purifier Cannon upgrade has been installed, its inability to fire while in motion. It is therefore highly recommended to have Harpies or Stealth Tanks escort it, and/or a Phantom to provide in-field repairs or cloak them from plain sight before an attack.


  • Up until version 1.4 of Tiberium Essence, the Avatar sported a quite different upgrade system: Each individual Avatar could select between the Purifier Upgrade, which armed it with a second heavy laser cannon and a flamethrower; and the Sentinel Upgrade, which enabled it to detect enemy stealth units, cloak itself when stationary and engage enemy aircraft with a secondary light laser battery.
  • The upgrade system described above was removed in v1.5 because it made micromanagement of both types of Avatar difficult, as the game's engine considered them the same type of unit regardless, and couldn't internally distinguish between a Purifier and a Sentinel.
  • Furthermore, the original concept for the newer Avatar, as originally intended to be introduced in v1.5, involved no upgrade system at all. Instead, the Avatar was assigned an anti-armor/support role, its armament consisting of the dual Tiberium beam projectors and the propaganda emitter. This was later changed to the current upgrade system.
  • The Voice of Kane upgrade's icon reuses the old Portable Stealth Generators support power's icon.
  • Some Avatars appear in the original C&C3 campaign missions, mainly those who are part of an scripted event, are vanilla C&C3 Avatars renamed as Avatar Prototypes. These "prototypes" retain the ability to upgrade itself by extracting the weapons of other Nod vehicles.


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