GDI barracks cc3
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 500
Produced By GDI Construction Yard

GDI Crane

Build Time 0:10
Role Production structure
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Heal infantry

Replenish infantry squads

Requirements GDI Power Plant

Barracks is a GDI structure designed to provide living quarters for soldiers as well as store their equipment. Generally simple, they are designed to hold large numbers of soldiers comfortably, with most of their facilities located underground.

GDI base camps are created using highly portable, modular buildings. This allows for easy construction and tear-down of shelters in harsh climates and remote locations. Personnel stationed at GDI bases will find themselves protected from Tiberium contamination and Ion Storms due to their durable armor plating, but will not have access to advanced weaponry without the support of an Armory.

Each barracks have a walkway, where a sergeant patrols.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Barracks has remained the same from the base game, except that it can now heal infantry and replenish squads. It is used to train all GDI infantry units except the Zone Defender Squad, which is trained from Tacitus Archive.


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