Blossom Tree
Faction Neutral
Cost N/A
Produced By Tiberium Infected Trees
Build Time N/A
Role Riparius Producer
Armament Tiberium Spores
Upgrades N/A
Abilities Generate Tiberium
Requirements N/A
Sometimes referred to as Tiberium Spore Trees. Blossom Trees were born when normal trees come into prolonged contact with Riparius. Once contact was made, the tree will slowly begin to mutate and develop a fleshy stalk, with a pulsating bulb periodically releasing Riparius spores into the surrounding area.
GdiHarvesterV2 Ingame045

GDI Harvesters, Harvesting Riparius Near Blossom Tree

When these spores land on the ground, a new Riparius field will begin forming. Blossom trees could spread Riparius (or green Tiberium) at an alarming rate, and were known to sprout from any type of tree species.

Tiberian DawnEdit

Through an unexplained mutagenic process, Tiberium can mutate regular foliage into "Blossom Trees" in as little as twelve days. As long as there is a Blossom Tree in an area, Tiberium will constantly re-grow around the tree.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

None of the functions of the blossom trees have changed in Tiberium Essence. However, due to limitations in the game-engine, Blossom Trees cannot spread its Tiberium beyond a designated 'area'.

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