Cobra Artillery
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 2200
Produced By Nod War Factory
Build Time 0:25
Role Artillery
Armament Plasma Cannon
Upgrades -
Abilities Stealth
Requirements Tech Lab
The Cobra Artillery is Nod's most advanced siege vehicle unit. They possess an enormous firing range upon deployment, but are incapable of even basic self-defense when mobile. However, to balance this disadvantage, all Cobras are equipped with a portable stealth generator that allows them to avoid enemy forces and set up for an ambush.

Tiberian SunEdit

Back in the Second Tiberium War, Nod's deployable Artillery suffered from its lack of major mobility and armor. Yet its main weapon proved to be strong enough for long range assaults that, from a safe distance and with support from other units, could not only provide a remarkable defense against incoming enemy forces but also decimate whole bases with ease. As one could expect, it lacks anti-air defense and needs to be escorted when mobile.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

After the Firestorm Crisis, the Nod Artillery unit underwent several changes in its role as an assault vehicle, most significant the addition of a personal stealth generator for protection and a powerful long range plasma cannon. The modifications come with the drawback of an increased production time and the requirement of advanced technology located only within a Nod Tech Lab. It is Nod's strongest artillery unit, but cannot extend its firing range by spotting targets like the Juggernaut, and only fires a single (but much more powerful) shot instead of three as the juggernaut does.


  • In v1.4, if a formation move is used on the Cobra, it uses its previous model.
  • On occasion, the Cobra becomes stealthed not only to the enemy, but also to its owner.
  • Up until v1.4, the Cobra used the voice clips of the Specter artillery unit from C&C 3 Kane's Wrath. From v.1.5 onwards, it draws its quotes from its C&C 4 namesake and air unit Cobra.
  • Coincidentally, there is another mobile artillery unit also called "Cobra" in Emperor: Battle for Dune, another renowned ‎RTS game by Westwood Studios.

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