Faction Scrin
Cost 5000
Produced By Warp Sphere
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Epic
Armament Tiberium Plasma Beam

Tiberium Proton Cannons

Avatar Lasers

Tiberium Shell Launcher

Upgrades Assimilate Technology
Abilities Assimilate Technology

Seed Tiberium

Heal in Tiberium

Tiberium Radiation

Requirements Signal Transmitter
The Conquer is one of the most powerful Scrin units in the game. Despite being an epic, it's mainly a support unit. The Conqueror was added in Tiberium Essence 1.4. The Conqueror was removed from the game in v1.5, then reintroduced in v1.6.
Scrin new units-2-

A Conqueror along with some Defilers, Razorbacks and an Annihilator.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Conqueror is one of the weakest epic units when not upgraded, though stronger than the Cyborg Commando, and one of the most versatile. Although it's not the ideal face-to-face unit, it can take enough hits while its standard weapon is powerful enough to hold a number of enemies at bay. Once it has assimilated the husks of an Annihilator, a Juggernaut and an Avatar, the Conqueror becomes able to easily defeat a Mammoth Mk2, but still lacks any AA weapons. The Conqueror can also seed Tiberium. Though not enough to boost a Foreman's economy, it's just enough to heal the Conqueror or any other unit, if there is no Tiberium in the area. It also has an aura of Tiberium radiation around it, healing any nearby allied Scrin or Forgotten units.


  • The Conqueror's head was changed during development of 1.4. Its first version became the basis of the Assault Mothership's main body.
  • Like the Kodiak II and Montauk, the Conqueror was planned to become available in version 1.6 by capturing the Tacitus Archive.
  • In version 1.6, if the Conqueror assimilates the Avatar's beam cannons, the beam cannons won't fire.
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