Corrupter Icon
Faction Scrin
Cost 1200
Produced By Warp Sphere
Build Time 0:15
Role Anti-Infantry


Armament Tiberium blobs
Upgrades Heavy Forcefield Generators
Abilities Heal in Tiberium

Corrupt (Heals nearby Scrin units)

Spawn Contaminator

Combine with Buzzers

Requirements Nerve Center

Corrupter is Scrin's medium walker unit, that fires deadly Riparius-based blobs at its enemies.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Corrupter is excellent anti-infantry and anti-structure unit. When attacking, it fires several Tiberium blobs at the target. Many structures and some vehicles are heavily damaged, and infantry is most often killed by the first attack. Infantry have the possibility of turning into a Contaminator when attacked by a Corrupter. The weapon clears garrisoned structures. If used in numbers, Corrupters can destroy even a large base. However, their movement speed is too slow to catch faster harassment units, such as Attack Bikes or Falcons. If facing these units, or even medium anti-vehicle units such as Scorpion Tanks or Titans, the Corrupter often loses the fight. It can fire an Ichor Pod to the ground, that starts to radiate after impact, and heals nearby Scrin units. When a Corrupter receives heroic promotion, its Riparius-based Tiberium weapons becomes Vinifera-based.

The Corrupter got a massive update in version 1.5. Its model was changed, and weapon changed from Tiberium spray into Tiberium blobs.


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