Cyborg Commando
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Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 3000
Produced By Secret Shrine
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Role Elite anti-ground cyborg
Armament Plasma cannon

Plasma-based flamethrower

Upgrades Personal stealth generator (self-upgraded)
Abilities Supercharged Projectile

Heal in Tiberium

Requirements Tiberium Chemical Plant

The Cyborg Commando is Nod's epic unit. It is equipped with a plasma gun and a close range plasma-based flamethrower. While it lacks anti-air weapons of its own, it is a serious threat to anything on the ground.

Tiberian SunEdit

During the Second Tiberium War, the Nod cyborg program created one of the most powerful infantry units Nod ever engineered, the cyborg commando. Due to the experimental status of its technology, a Nod commander can only deploy a single Cyborg Commando at a time. During the Firestorm Crisis, the advanced Nod artificial intelligence known as CABAL went rogue and turned against its makers. Taking with it the Brotherhood's arsenal of cyborgs, it intended to become the new ruler of the Earth. This saw Nod being deprived of its Cyborg Commandos. CABAL, having carried cyborg research forward, was fond of using Cyborg Commandos as elite guards for key installations.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

By the Third Tiberium War, Nod has restarted its cybernetics program, with added security measures to ensure that history does not repeat. The new generation of Cyborg Commandos have been equipped with the same forward firing plasma cannon as the old model, with the addition of a short range flamethrower, allowing them to take out enemy infantry and garrisons. The Cyborg Commando is Nod's single strongest infantry unit; it can easily engage Titans one on five and, if micromanaged correctly, destroy an entire base in seconds or an entire army in minutes. Using its Supercharged Projectile ability, the Cyborg Commando can inflict devastating damage to all hostile ground targets over a wide area. In version 1.5, the legless form of the Cyborg Commando was put to use. After taking too much damage, it loses its legs, its movement speed is drastically reduced as a result, and it becomes a sitting duck for all enemy attacks. However, because of this, the Cyborg Commando can survive even a Super Weapon strike losing only its legs.

Like in Tiberian Sun, the Cyborg Commando can be loaded inside a subterranean APC to infiltrate an enemy base and destroy it from the inside.


  • In the World Builder, you can find a legless version of the Cyborg Commando and the Cyborg
  • In the original Tiberian Sun manual, it stated that the Cyborg Commando was armed with a flamethrower and a chaingun even though it was armed with a plasma cannon in-game, hinting that the manual text was written before the game was fully complete.
  • In version 1.5, AI controlled Cyborg Commando may sometimes fires its supercharged projectile at aircraft.


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