Cyborg Hijacker
Cyborg Hijacker icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 1500 Credits
Produced By Secret Shrine
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Hijacks enemy vehicles
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Stealth

Capture vehicle

Heals in Tiberium

Requirements Tech Lab

Tiberium Chemical Plant

Cyborg Hijacker is Nod's new replacement for the Mutant Hijacker they employed in the Second Tiberium War.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

In the years following the Firestorm Crisis, Nod's Mutant Hijackers went into exile with Ghost Stalker and the rest of the Forgotten. Soon enough, the Brotherhood was in need of a new class of hijackers. When the cyborg program was reinstated, Nod scientist began work on the Cyborg Hijacker program. During this program, few subjects survived the cybernetic augmentation, which is why only one Cyborg Hijacker can be deployed at a time. The Cyborg Hijacker, like all other cyborgs, is able to heal in Tiberium fields, but is also equipped with a mobile stealth generator allowing him to approach most vehicles without being detected. 


  • The Cyborg Hijacker borrows the voice of Reaper from C&C4.


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