Cyborg Reaper
Cyborg Reaper icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 1500
Produced By Secret Shrine
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Anti-tank / anti-air cyborg
Armament Dual AT missile launchers

Dual AA rocket launchers

Web Launcher (ability)

Upgrades Tiberium Missiles
Abilities Artifical Web
Requirements Tech Lab

The Cyborg Reaper was originally developed by CABAL during the Firestorm Crisis. It is based on earlier projects of general Cyborg and Cyborg Commando with keeping this new unit easily mass produced.

Firestorm CrisisEdit

The Reaper is a four-legged, spider-like, all-terrain walker with a Tiberium-enhanced human as its operator. It was armed with a pair of multiple missile launchers effective against slow moving enemy vehicles and aircraft. These missile launchers fired a barrage of four missiles, which, though independently targeting and possessing reasonable firepower, had poor tracking capabilities and moved relatively slowly.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

After Firestorm Crisis, this project was further developed, adding a failsafe protocol to prevent any repeating of history. The missile tracking systems were vastly improved, especially in their anti-air role; for that reason, the new Cyborg Reaper is equipped with dual rocket launchers in its shoulders to target enemy air. Additionally, the missile launchers can be upgraded to use Tiberium Missiles, which increase the explosive yield and projectile speed dramatically. Finally, Cyborg Reapers' artificial webs, fired in the form of grenades from the mortar mounted on the back, can instantly immobilize enemy infantry, turning them into sitting ducks for the Reapers and allied Nod troopers to crush.


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