Cyborg Squad
Cyborg Squad
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 1000
Produced By Secret Shrine
Build Time 0:10
Role Advanced anti-infantry cyborg
Armament Hand-mounted minigun

(Tiberium beam cannon after upgrade)

Upgrades Tiberium Beam
Abilities Heal in Tiberium
Requirements Operations Center

Cyborg Squad is a heavy infantry unit used by the Brotherhood of Nod, deadly against enemy infantry

Tiberian SunEdit

The Cyborg was one of the Brotherhood's most advanced anti-infantry unit during the Second Tiberium War. They were the most basic products of Nod's Project ReGenesis cybernetics program, as well as the most widely used and produced. Essentially a human infused with Tiberium, encased in a suit of heavy assault armour, and equipped with cybernetic prosthetic limbs and cranial implants. However, all cyborgs betrayed the Brotherhood when CABAL went rogue. They formed the bulk of CABAL's forces during the Firestorm Crisis, and their role as Nod's heavy infantry was replaced by the Elite Cadre.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

By the Third Tiberium War, Nod has restarted its cyborg program, with extra security protocols preventing them from going rogue again. Cyborg Squads are, once again, one of Nod's most advanced anti-infantry units. They are available through the Secret Shrine, along with all other Nod cyborgs. They are equipped with hand-mounted miniguns, which can easily devastate infantry and light armor alike. Their powerful armor allow them to withstand quite some punishment before dying, even against GDI snipers.

Due to the Tiberium infusion process they have undergone, Cyborgs also heal from Tiberium radiation, becoming almost invincible while in a Tiberium field and being able to heal themselves in the midst of combat. Additionally, further upgrading at the Secret Shrine can equip them with Tiberium Beam, which greatly increases their damage output and permit enough Cyborg Squads to challenge even medium vehicles.


  • In the World Builder, you can find the legless version of the Cyborg and the Cyborg Commando.
  • Their idle animation sometimes shows their head spinning around.


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