Devastator Warship
Faction Scrin
Cost 2500
Produced By Gravity Stabilizer
Build Time 0:30
Role AP\AS Capital Ship
Armament Dark Matter Cannons
Upgrades Heavy Forcefield Generators
Abilities Heal in Ion Storm
Requirements Technology Assembler
True to its name, the Devastator Warship is capable of causing grievous damage to units on the ground. Owing to their slow flight speed and long-range weaponry, the Scrin employ these crafts as long range siege artillery, capable of laying waste to structures and clustered ground units alike.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

From Tiberium Essence V1.5 onwards, the Devastator's lobster-like original appearance was replaced with a more alien design that fits better with the new Scrin arsenal. Its weapons are also changed from the original Plasma Disc Launchers to Dark Matter Cannons. While the damage and range of its weapons has remained the same, the rate of fire has been increased so that it is more effective against moving targets.


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