Devourer Tank
Devourer Tank
Faction Scrin
Cost 1100
Produced By Warp Sphere
Build Time 0:15
Role Anti-vehicle medium tank
Armament Proton Beam
Upgrades Light Forcefield Generator
Abilities Conversion Beam

Heal in Tiberium

Combine with Buzzers

Amphibious Propulsion

Requirements Nerve Center
Devourer Tanks are a Scrin equivalent of the human main battle tank as opposed to the lighter Seeker.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Unlike other Scrin armor, the Devourer appears to be designed after human tanks, albeit without a turret, but with higher range and speed. Because of this, some believe the Devourer was created as a sadistic mockery. Like Seekers, Devourers hover over the battlefield, but they are slower and more heavily armored. Unlike the Seeker, Devourers are capable of moving sideways if necessary, in order to keep the stronger front armor and proton cannon aimed at its target. This makes up for their lack of turret. Devourers are so called as they have the ability to absorb Tiberium in a similar fashion to the Scrin Harvester. Once they do so, they can fire Tiberium radiated proton beams that deal more damage than the standard proton beam.


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