Disintegrator Squad
Faction Scrin
Cost 400
Produced By Portal
Build Time 0:04
Role AT Infantry
Armament Disintegration beam
Upgrades Tiberium Integration

Particle Accelerator

Abilities Explode when Crushed

Heal in Tiberium

Requirements -
The Disintegrators are the Scrin main anti-vehicle infantry unit.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Disintegrators use powerful beams that can cut through the heaviest of armor. Unlike their human counterparts, they are unable to attack aircraft, but are much better at killing vehicles. Although they have to get very close to their targets in order to attack, no vehicle wants to drive over them as they explode, damaging the vehicle severely. The Disintegrators can be upgraded with Tiberium Integration available from the Stasis Chamber which greatly enhances their combat capabilities.

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