Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 1800
Produced By GDI War Factory
Build Time 0:22
Role Anti-Ground Tank
Armament Harmonic Resonance Cannon
Upgrades Reactive Armor
Abilities Focused Sonic Beam

Clear Sky

Call for transport

Requirements Tech Center
The Disruptor is an advanced anti-armor vehicle designed by the GDI. Its Harmonic Resonance weaponry serves as the basis of the  Sonic Emitter used during the Third Tiberium War.

Tiberian SunEdit

The first prototypes for the Disruptor were manufactured in a GDI base in Hammerfest, Norway, and almost fell into Nod's hands even before being first introduced. It was equipped with newly introduced Harmonic Resonance weaponry, which was devastating against structures and vehicles. Due to time constraints, the sonic turret was mounted on a simple treaded vehicle, reducing its speed. However, the combination of its low profile and heavily armored treads makes it an extremely durable vehicle. However, its slow rate of fire makes it ineffective against large groups of infantry, and it also lacked any AA capability, requiring it to be escorted by anti-infantry and anti-air units. It could also cause serious collateral damage if friendly units were in its line of fire.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Like its predecessor from the Second Tiberium War, the Disruptor has heavy armor, which can be further reinforced with the Reactive Armor upgrade, but is slow moving. The upgraded Harmonic Resonance weaponry enables it to be effective against every type of ground target: infantry, vehicles and structures. Its sonic wave can also damage all enemies in a straight line. Moreover, it can fire a Focused Sonic Beam to clear garrisons. It can also neutralize ion storms with sonic waves by using the Clear Sky ability. However, it is still very vulnerable against aircraft and needs AA escort.


  • It uses the voice of Shatterer from C&C3 Kane's Wrath.
  • The Clear Sky ability does not affect ion storms generated by Gravity Stabilizers.


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