Drone Ship
Drone Ship
Faction Scrin
Cost 3500
Produced By Gravity Stabilizer
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Utility Aircraft
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Unpack into Drone Platform
Requirements Nerve Center

Drone Ships are slow utility vessels that the Scrin use to establish bases.


Scrin Drone-Ships Landing on the arrival day

Tiberium EssenceEdit

When GDI's Ion Cannons fired at the Scrin ships approaching Earth, they split into a vast number of these smaller vessels and landed on Earth. These Drone Ships act similarly to Nod and GDI MCVs. Once a desirable location has been found, Drone Ships will land and 'implant' themselves into the ground, deploying into a Drone Platform at which point the Scrin Foreman may begin base construction.

The Drone Ships, unlike the human MCVs, are capable of flight, allowing them to cross terrains impassable to the MCVs. However, like their human counterparts, they are unarmed, and need to be escorted at all times. They also do not benefit from ion storms, as other Scrin aircraft.

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