EMP Control Center
EMP control cc3-1-
Faction Neutral
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Support Structure
Armament Electro Magnetic Pulse
Upgrades -
Abilities Fire EMP at target location
Requirements -
EMP Control Centers are neutral tech structures that provide the owner with EMP weaponry.

Once captured, they grant its owner the EMP support power, the ability needs 3 minutes to charge until it can be used. The EMP blast disables all vehicles, structures and unlucky aircraft in the target area for specific amount of time. All aircraft is destroyed in the blast. Nod can counter the blast with Master Computer Countermeasures ability from the Temple of Nod, though it can only be used after the EMP is hit. If the Temple itself is hit, the Countermeasures can't be used. The Scrin can also counter the blast by using the Forcefield Generators upgrade. GDI has no way to protect their units or structures from an EMP blast.

Tiberium EsssenceEdit

These structures were constructed by GDI as the first lines of defense against Nod aggression. In theory, a volunteer crew would race to the EMP Control Center as the first wave of attackers is seen and fire the EMP, immobilizing them and giving time for civilians to evacuate and any military forces in the area to quickly respond. After years with little Nod activity, the centers were mostly abandoned and are now being used opportunistically by GDI and Nod forces.


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