Cnc3 scrin structures extractor
Faction Scrin
Cost 2000
Produced By Drone Platform


Build Time 0:25
Role Resource Structure
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities -
Requirements Ichor Reactor
The Extractor is an organic Scrin structure which has the same function as a Tiberium Refinery. Whenever an alien Foreman deployed a base, the Extractor will be the first-priority structure to be built, along with an Ichor Reactor.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

When an Extractor is deployed, a Harvester will come out to automatically harvest any nearby Tiberium field. When the Harvester is full or the Tiberium field is depleted, the Harvester will return to the Extractor. As the Tiberium is delivered to the Extractor, funds are made available to the Foreman. The Extractors seem to process the harvested material into some form of energy, therefore, Scrin Foremen do not need to build silos to store harvested Tiberium. Other than that, the Extractor allows more advanced structures to be built, such as the Nerve Center and the Warp Sphere.


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