Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 1500
Produced By Airfield
Build Time 0:18
Role Air superiority fighter, light bomber
Armament Air-to-air missiles, EMP Shockwave Bombs
Upgrades ECM Container

Stratofighter Upgrade

Abilities Stratofighter Booster
Requirements Tech Center
The Firehawk is GDI's advanced fighter aircraft. Its great speed, combined with it's powerful AA missiles, make it one of the best AA units GDI possesses.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Gdi firehawk
In Tiberium Essence, the Firehawk is mainly used as an air superiority fighter, but can also be used for ground support purposes by switching the loadout to Shockwave Bombs. These bombs disable vehicles and structures for a few seconds. For anti-air purposes, it uses Rattlesnake Missiles to rapidly knock hostile aircraft out of the air. It can be upgraded with the Stratofighter Boosters special ability in order to be able to boost itself in the stratosphere to quickly move to another location on the battlefield. It can also be upgraded with ECM Container to improve its survivability.



  • The description of the Firehawks still refer to their four EMP Shockwave Bombs as "two Groundpounder Bombs" and do not mention their EMP effects or their effectiveness against vehicles.
  • Due to unknown reasons, the Firehawks' ECM Containers only appear when the Stratofighter Upgrade is purchased, instead of when the ECM upgrade is purchased.

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