GDI Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Naval Airbase
Armament 4x Orca Fighters

1x Firehawk launchpad

4x 30mm cannon

Upgrades -
Abilities -
Requirements -
Larger than the GDI Battleship, the Aircraft Carriers are designed for supporting ground forces and amphibious operations in hostile locations.

Tiberian DawnEdit

They served both as support for their airforce as well as staging areas for commando raids, together with their smaller cousins, the helicopter carriers. The F/A-18E/F Super Hornets were often chosen as the carrier's fighters. Sadly though, the carrier only appears in the intro.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

These ships are equipped with one launch deck for deploying fully armed Firehawk strike fighter and four VTOL landing pads for Orca Fighters, advanced sensor equipment and command interfaces, as well as four light deck guns for dealing with close threats. However, these are by no means intended for direct combat, proven when during the Nod strike on Hampton Roads, a single Nod Commando managed to sink the GDS Pathe, the sole remaining supplier of air power on the eastern US seaboard. Later, another carrier was sunk by Nod forces off the Atlantic coast of Brazil. Two aircraft carriers were also used in the unsuccessful attempt to re-capture Dr. Giraud from Nod Black Hand forces.


  • The in-game unit (or "structure" in this case) can be used like any airfield; it can repair and rearm four aircraft. However, none of the four guns are functional.


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