GDI Battleship
"GDI Battleship"
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost -
Produced By -
Build Time -
Role Artillery bombardment
Armament 4 main guns

2 SAM launchers

Cruise missile launcher

Upgrades -
Abilities Launch cruise missile at Sniper team's vision radius
Requirements -
The Battleship is a campaign exclusive naval unit.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

BattleshipGDI CC3 Game1
The GDI Battleship uses a tumblehome hull form. It has two cannons on each flank, two surface-to-air missile box launchers, and a vertical launch system for surface-to-surface missiles. Each weapon system on the battleship is controlled by its own EVA unit along with navigation, enemy fleet analysis and tactical planning for wartime operations, all of which relays information to a central EVA unit housed on the bridge.The crown jewel of this intricate network is SALCACS (Sea Air Land Command And Control System) allowing certain aspects of amphibious operations to be assigned to any battleship that participates in the operation.


  • SAM launchers are the only weapons on the Battleship that are not working.

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