GDI Commando
TW GDI Commando Icons
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 2500
Produced By Barracks
Build Time 0:25
Role Commando infantry
Armament Rail-Carbine

Det Packs

Upgrades -
Abilities Jump Jet

Destroy Walker

Destroy Structure

Requirements Armory

Tech Center

The Commando is GDI's commando unit from the original Tiberium Wars.


Based on 50 years of tradition, they are the results of a powerful training program, with a 22% fatality rate and 97% recruits never reaching the end of training. Typically, only one commando at a time will be allotted to a commander due to the high expense of equipping one, and in addition to the scarcity of such elite graduates.

The next generation Commandos wear full suits of heavy body armour made of Kevlar5tm over a Mitsubishi elasticized polymer ceramic core, with a Data General Rugged System (DGRS) Sensor fusion helmet system and a hard point mounting system with an integrated Dai Nippon Skunk Works PCS/Jenner jump jet unit.

They are also equipped with prototype high rate-of-fire assault railgun carbines which can tear infantry apart and, if given enough time, light vehicles like the Attack Bike. And, like their predecessors, carry a large amount of detpacks (based on an exotic new explosive) for demolition of buildings. One of their key abilities is destroying enemy Mechanized Walker by planting explosives on their legs.

To maintain fitness, GDI commandos usually do one handed push ups when idle which is a testament to their physical prowess.

Like the Nod Commando, the GDI commando is capable of killing entire swaths of infantry and destroying innumerable amounts of buildings and walkers if left unchecked.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

No Changes have been made to the GDI Commando as of Version 1.4. In version 1.5, the Commando was replaced by Zone Commando. Vanilla Commandos can no longer be trained from Barracks, but can be placed in maps with the World Builder. The Zone Commando did not replace the Commando in campaign mode, who can still be encountered in the GDI campaign in some missions.


  • The Commando has a humorous and "Better than you" personality, which is quite strange considering that he is a professional soldier trained from an almost sadistic program, which in most cases would have produced rather dull and emotionless soldiers (Though this could also be the way the commando dealt with said program).
  • Despite the Commando's armor, he is still vulnerable to Tiberium.
  • The Commando shares quotes with the Commandos from the original Command & Conquer.
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