Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost N/A
Produced By Surveyor (unpack)
Build Time N/A
Role Expansion Structure
Armament Missile launchers
Upgrades -
Abilities Construction Radius

Detects Stealth

Requirements -

The Outpost is GDI's expansion structure.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Outpost comes from unpacking a Surveyor. Although it cannot construct anything by itself, it is one of the most valuable structures, as it enables commanders to quickly set up cheap expansion bases for defense, resource gathering and various other things. In addition, Outposts are equipped with sensor arrays to detect nearby enemy stealthed units in order to help defend the new expansion base before any heavy defenses can be constructed. Interestingly, it seems to reveal more of the surrounding battlefield than the GDI Construction Yard.

As of 1.6 Beta, the GDI Outpost is fitted with missile launchers to defend itself against both ground and air targets. With the addition of the missile launchers, it no longer spawns repair drones.


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