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The United Nations Global Defense Initiative (UNGDI), or Global Defense Initiative (GDI), is the premier polity of Earth. It was founded as a formalized military branch of the United Nations at the end of the 20th century and evolved into a supra-national state in its own right. GDI's initial goal was to preserve world order by combating global terrorism, epitomized by its nemesis, the Brotherhood of Nod. Its mandate expanded to global environmental protection with the spread of Tiberium.

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Tiberian DawnEdit

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Tiberian Dawn GDI Flag

During the First Tiberium War, GDI fought Nod forces on a multitude of fronts. Eventually, Nod propaganda efforts painted GDI as being responsible for atrocities such as the slaughter of the entire population of Bialystok, through a series of false news broadcasts recorded by Greg Burdette. This forced GDI to pull back from many territories, which were then quickly taken over by Nod supporters. Ultimately, the UN was forced to discontinue its public funding of GDI due to the fear of public backlash. Nod began assaulting GDI strongholds everywhere, believing that the organization had been severely weakened by these manipulative efforts. To their surprise it was all a ruse and the GDI were as strong as ever, have fierce battles on all fronts pushed back the Nod assaults. Shortly after GDI had staged a massive counter and pushed Nod to their main base, the Sarajevo Temple. After a fierce battle between GDI and Nod forces the Temple was eventually destroyed, believing to have killed Kane himself in its destruction marking the end of the First Tiberium War.

Tiberian SunEdit

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Tiberian Sun GDI Flag

With the destruction of the Brotherhood's Sarajevo Temple, a period of peace dawned, allowing time for GDI to renew its efforts into researching Tiberium and to study the Brotherhood of Nod's enigmatic and radically advanced Tiberium-based technology. However, GDI forces never recovered Kane's body which was considered by many to be the biggest oversight of the entire war. During these years tabloid headlines and rumors of the continued underground existence of the Brotherhood were commonplace, prompting GDI to conduct investigations into these sightings before eventually sealing each case with few questions answered. The world remained largely at peace until September 2, 2030, when GDI bases around the world found themselves under heavy fire from Nod units. Aboard the "Philadelphia", GDI's top brass could make little sense of it; the Brotherhood as an organized and globalized militant force was supposed to have been almost eliminated and left divided into small and harmless splinter groups after Kane's death. And then the unthinkable happened. Kane appearing on the main screen revealing what many had feared, Kane had survived. With the news of Kane's return and the attacks on every major GDI base sparked the Second Tiberium War. The massive surprise attack had crippled GDI and many bases had fallen, but GDI was able to regroup its forces and for the first time since the beginning of the war was now on the offensive. After multiple decisive battles won GDI was able to yet again push the Brotherhood back and laid siege to Kane's Fortress where moments before launching a Tiberium Terraforming bomb was killed and the following detonation leveling the base. the Second Tiberium War now over many criticize that Kane may still be alive as no body was ever recovered, with many defending stating that due to the explosion that his body had to have been vaporized. Only time will tell.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

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Tiberium Wars GDI Flag

In Tiberium Essence's storyline, Instead of moving on from the Second Tiberium War and develop new technologies, GDI re-deploys their iconic units from the Second Tiberium War, ranging from Disk Throwers to the legendary Mammoth MK II walker. It also retained some of the new units introduced in Tiberium Wars, such as the Mammoth 27.

GDI's core tactics remain mostly the same. Slowly advancing, but with heavy firepower.


GDI StrategiesEdit

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Rifleman SquadMissile SquadEngineerDisk Thrower SquadJetpack TrooperSniper TeamField Medic SquadZone TroopersZone CommandoZone Defender Squad


WolverineTitanGoliath APCGDI HarvesterFalconGDI Mobile Construction VehicleSurveyorTempest MLRSDisruptorJuggernautMammoth TankMobile EMP CannonMammoth Walker Mk. IIPredator Mk2Colossus


Orca FighterFirehawkOrca BomberCondor TransportOrca CarryallOrca RigAttack OrcaOrca DropshipKodiak II


GDI BattleshipGDI HovercraftGDI Aircraft Carrier


GDI Construction YardGDI Power PlantGDI Tiberium RefineryBarracksGDI War FactoryCommand PostAirfieldArmoryTech CenterOrbital Deployment CenterGDI Crane

Support Structures

Vulcan TowerRPG TowerAA BatteryGDI Tiberium SiloGDI Wall HubGDI GateSonic EmitterFirestorm Shield GeneratorIon Cannon Control CenterGDI OutpostFoxholeSupport Battle BaseCombat Support Hospital

Support Powers

Radar ScanOrca StrikeVeteran TrainingSharpshooter TeamWarhounds TeamTerraforming TorpedoShockwave BombardmentZone Trooper Drop PodsIon Cannon Strike


Sensor Pod UpgradeSub-Calibre RoundsReactive ArmorStratofighter UpgradeComposite Armor UpgradeScanner PacksAuto Injectors PackECM ContainerAdvanced Fire ControlRailgun UpgradeShockwave EMP WarheadsAdvanced Turbines