Goliath APC
Goliath APC icon
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 900
Produced By GDI War Factory
Build Time 0:12
Role Anti-air and transport vehicle
Armament 20mm quad cannon
Upgrades Sub-Calibre Rounds
Abilities Transport infantry

Lay EMP mines

Call for transport

Requirements None
The Goliath APC is the newest rendition of the almost iconic personal carrier vehicle employed by GDI in every war.

Tiberian SunEdit

GDI made extensive use of unarmed APCs during the Second Tiberium War. Their ability of travelling over large bodies of water, which added to their versatility, compensated for their lack of otherwise defensive or offensive capabilities. Each of these vehicles could house up to a maximum of five soldiers.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The newly designed GDI APC, codenamed Goliath, underwent several modifications prior to its official use in the battlefield. First, it saw the return of its offensive capabilities in the manner of a 20mm quad cannon battery that fires armor-piercing rounds against ground and air targets. Second, it is unable to traverse over water due to limitations of the engine, but instead possesses more durable armor to protect its passengers, who in return can fire at enemies via the APC's firing ports. Finally, every Goliath APC is equipped with multiple sets of EMP landmines for quick deployment.



  • The icon for the EMP mines power is the same as the Magnetic Mine Drop support power from Kane's Wrath.

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