GDI juggernaut cc3-1-
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 2600
Produced By GDI War Factory
Build Time 0:30
Role Heavy artillery
Armament 3x 200mm artillery cannons
Upgrades Advanced Fire Control
Abilities Fire at Sniper Team's vision radius

Call for transport

Requirements Tech Center

The Juggernaut is GDI's heavy artillery walker.

Tiberian Sun FirestormEdit

The Juggernaut was first introduced in GDI mission Dogma Day Afternoon, as it was accompanied by a Ghost Stalker, the Archaeologist and Medic in the search for missing segment of the Tacitus. The Juggernaut was able to shoot from great distances, and often the enemy could hear the shells being fired. While its movement speed was similar to Titan's, it still required close support.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Juggernaut fires three cannons from good distances, making it an excellent unit for destroying base defenses. Since it lacks close range weapons, it is adviced that all Juggernauts have close support, such as Mammoth Tanks or Zone Troopers. It is somewhat slow and lacks anti-air guns as well, making it very vulnerable to commando units, aircraft and hit-and-run vehicles. GDI's Sniper Teams can spot targets for Juggernauts, which then can fire from anywhere on the map. Nod's counterpart to the Juggernaut is the Cobra Artillery, and Scrin's counterpart is the Devastator Warship.

As of version 1.5, the Juggernaut no longer leaves a husk when destroyed. Same goes with Annihilator and Avatar.


  • Juggernauts' firing visual effects in Tiberium Essence resemble those in Firestorm, as they fire smaller, faster shells instead of comet-like, slower ones seen in Tiberium Wars.
  • During the development of version 1.52, it was planned to give Juggernauts railguns with the Railgun Upgrade, but the idea was scrapped.


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