Mammoth Walker Mk. II
"Mammoth Mk2"
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 6000
Produced By Orbital Deployment Center
Build Time 1:15
Role Epic Walker
Armament 4x heavy railgun

2x missile pod

2x autocannon

Customizable dorsal module

Upgrades Dual AA railgun battery (self upgrade)

Disk launcher battery (self upgrade)

Abilities Self-Repair

Upgrade AA Railguns (Requires Tech Center)

Upgrade Disk Launchers (Requires Tech Center)

Requirements -
The Mammoth-class Superheavy Mechanized Assault Walker, more commonly known as Mammoth Mk. II, is GDI's single largest, most powerful and most fearsome product of their military industry, representing the pinnacle of their mechanized walker technology. Upon purchase, this massive four-legged walker is transported directly to the Orbital Deployment Center by means of a giant Orca Dropship, already assembled and ready to enter the battlefield.

A favorite unit amongst GDI commanders, this walker alone is capable of decimating an enemy base in a matter of minutes. Yet, despite its immense firepower and dense armor, the Mammoth Mk. II is not completely invincible, as more than a few prototypes have fallen to Nod's swarming-based tactics. It is highly reccommended to send an escort of any size with the Mk. II, ideally consisting of Disruptors and Tempest MLRSs.

Tiberian SunEdit

Designed to replace the Mammoth Mk. I tank, the Mammoth Mk. II was developed by GDI in a research facility located in the United Kingdom during the interim between the First and Second Tiberium Wars. This behemoth was designed to heavily armored and armed, capable of destroying entire enemy bases by itself. Its development facility was destroyed by Nod forces during the Second Tiberium War, delaying its actual deployment. Because of GDI's economic recessions after TW2, the project was canceled altogether, only to restart some years later.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

After the Second Tiberium War, all remaining Mammoth Walkers were mothballed and transported to a classified location, as per orders from General Michael McNeil. This decision was proved right as the Brotherhood began fielding its own heavy walker, the Avatar Warmech, increasingly frequent throughout the world. In order to combat the growing threat of Nod, the production of the Mammoth Mk. II began anew, with several key improvements to its already impressive arsenal.

The new generation of Mammoth Mk. II sports not only its classic armament set consisting of two heavy railguns and a dual autocannon mounted on its "chin", but also the options to be upgraded with a railgun anti-aircraft emplacement or a disc grenade launcher on its back, making it an even more versatile and fearsome unit. Its SAM launchers have also being replaced with missile pods, capable of engaging both ground and air targets.


Several tactics can be used with the Mammoth Mk. II in combination with other units:


Maneuver the MK. II to attack the enemy on one of their flanks. While also having a sizable force on another. Send in the MK. II first to draw most if not all the of the enemy commander's attention. (It also might be ideal to

TE mammothII new.1

Mammoth MKII as seen in v1.4.

send a small escourt with the MK. II so your enemy doesn't raise some eyebrows) Once the enemy converges on the MK. II make the MK. II retreat drawing the enemy forces away (If possible). While the MK. II is being attacked, with your other forces converge on the enemy commander's flank, and sweep through his base.

Note: The MK. II could be destroyed in this operation from sustained fire.


Build a sizable force of Juggernauts. Along with a few Mammoth 27's, Tempest MRLSs, and Disruptors. Station them outside the enemies base along the MK. II. The MK. II will be the guard dog while the Juggernuats pound the enemy base to dust. The other vehicles (Mammoth 27, Tempest MRLs, and Disruptor) are there to support the MK. II.


Co-ordinate with your GDI allies, and send your Mammoth MK. II's along with their escorts on a single enemy base. The added fire power of multiple MK. II's will make even the strongest of bases collapse.


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