Faction Scrin
Cost 1250
Produced By Warp Sphere
Build Time 0:15
Role Anti-infantry/anti-armor medium tank
Armament Ion Lightning Cannon
Upgrades Ion Storm Generators

Heavy Forcefield Generators

Abilities Heal in Tiberium

Combine with Buzzers

Scythe Talons

Amphibious Propulsion

Generate Ion Storm (requires research)

Requirements Nerve Center

The Manta is Scrin's medium tank unit in Tiberium Essence. The unit is versatile, as it has more armor than Razorbacks and Seekers and can take out both infantry and armor alike, although aircraft is dangerous for it in early game.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Originally an antiquated transport vehicle rendered obsolete by the advances in wormhole and teleportation technology, the Manta was recently revitalized and redesigned. Its troop compartment was removed, and in its place, an ion lightning generator was installed. It was also given extra armor for added protection, as well as scythe talons that can easily kill human infantry.

The Manta's low cost allows players to mass produce it easily. Its Lighting Cannon can annihilate entire infantry squads as well as cause severe damage to armored units, but its light armor makes it ill-suited for engagements against heavy armoured vehicles. However, once upgraded with Ion Storm Generators, it can single-handedly take out armies or destroy small outposts, while not even aircraft can pose a serious threat to it from that point on, as the Ion Storm will cut through the aircraft's light armor.


  • The Manta was an APC in the earlier versions of the game, serving a role similar to GDI's and Nod's APC units, but was later changed to the Scrin's main battle tank and finally to a tier 2 medium tank.

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