Cc3 scrin mastermind
Faction Scrin
Cost 2500
Produced By Portal
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Special Forces Infantry
Armament Mind Blast (Ability)
Upgrades -
Abilities Mind Blast

Manipulate Device Teleport Allied Units

Requirements Technology Assembler
Masterminds are the the Scrin commandos.
CNCTW Mastermind

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Mastermind has the ability to mind control any enemy unit, apart from epic units and superweapon buildings. However, the ability has a long cooldown time, and the Mastermind has to retreat while the ability recharges if the controlled unit is destroyed too soon. It is very agile, and can easily evade direct combat, leaving its mind controlled slave to do the fight. It is also a valuable support unit, as it can teleport allied units to any place within its sight. In Tiberium Essence, it also gained the ability to use a Mind Blast, which can kill large groups of infantry around the Mastermind.

Trivia Edit

The Mastermind's Mind Blast ability is similar to the Psi Commandos' Psychic Blast ability from Red Alert 2.

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