Mastodon Tank
Mastodon Icon
Faction Forgotten
Cost 2000
Produced By Mutant Garage

Mutant Mercenary Outpost

Build Time 1:00
Role Anti-ground heavy tank
Armament 2x Tiberium Shell Cannon
Upgrades -
Abilities Self Repair

Garrison Infantry

Requirements Tech Center/Tech Lab/Technology Assembler

The Mastodon Tank utilized by the Forgotten is a modified version of GDI's X-66 Mammoth Tank used during the First Tiberium War. It is a very versatile unit, capable of taking on enemy armor and infantry alike with its Tiberium shells. Its anti-infantry ability is further improved by its firing ports, capable of garrisoning infantry.

Tiberian DawnEdit

During the First Tiberium War, the X-66 Mammoth Tank was GDI's heaviest ground vehicle. It used its dual cannons and rocket pods to annihilate Nod's armies.

Tiberian Sun Edit

By the Second Tiberium War, the Mammoth Tanks were phased out of service in favor of the new Mammoth Mk. II Walkers. The Forgotten acquired some of these abandoned tanks to bolster their weaker army. In their assault on Kane's Pyramid in Cairo, GDI located several Mammoth Tanks by an abandoned GDI base, and restored them to functioning conditions, using them to fight the Nod forces there.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

By the Third Tiberium War, the Forgotten continue the use of the tank, but with some adjustments. The rocket pods have been removed and replaced by a bunker in which the Mastodon can transport an infantry squad to support its own attacks. The casual shells have also been replaced with Tiberium shells, which are more powerful and deal much more damage as well as have a big explosion making the unit able to take down infantry in squads. While it is a force to be reckoned with, it takes a minute to produce one, whereas Mammoth Tank, Avatar and Annihilator take much less time.


  • In its debut in version 1.5, the Mastodon used (fittingly) the voice of Mastodon from C&C4. In 1.6, it was changed to the voice of Mammoth Tank from C&C4. Mastodon voice was given to Colossus.
  • The model and cannons' firing sound have been borrowed from C&C Renegade.


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