Militant Rocket Squad
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 500
Produced By Hand of Nod
Build Time 0:05
Role Anti-Tank/Aircraft Infantry
Armament FGM-70
Upgrades Forced Evolution

Black Hand Elite

Abilities Call for Transport
Requirements -
Militant Rocket Squads compose the Brotherhood of Nod's main anti-armor and anti-aircraft infantry.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The current generation Rocket infantry were first introduced a few years prior to the 2nd Tiberium War, performing incredibly well against GDI armor during the conflict (even if The Brotherhood did lose the war).

While still serving as efficient anti-tank/anti-air infantry, their ageing equipped and a decrease in general training standards does mean that individually GDI's Missile Squads are superior, however to make up for these shortcomings Rocket Militants are fielded in teams of three, as opposed to GDI's two, and can be further upgraded with a Black Hand Elite Cadre to lead them into combat.

Just like the Militant Rifle Squad, they can also be upgraded with Forced Evolution, giving them increased durability, enhanced stability and immunity to Tiberium radiation.

Rocket Militant screen

Militant Rocket Squad, with Forced Evolution and Black Hand Elite upgrades.

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