Mobile Sensor Array
MSA Icon
Faction Forgotten
Cost 1500
Produced By Mutant Garage

Mutant Mercenary Outpost

Build Time 0:30
Role Advanced stealth detection
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Detect Stealth
Requirements Command Post/Operations Center/Nerve Center
The Mobile Sensor Array is a stealth detecting vehicle used by GDI and sometimes by Nod during the Second Tiberium War and Firestorm Crisis, but ever since the development of easily portable scanners, both main factions stopped using it. Nowadays, only Forgotten forces use this outdated vehicle, possibly because of its large scanning radius and simple construction. This vehicle can be deployed by any faction once they capture a Mutant Mercenary Outpost.

Tiberian SunEdit

The Mobile Sensor Array needs to be deployed to detect incoming enemy units. It can detect cloaked or subterranean Nod units. Since Nod has monopoly on the two aforementioned technologies, GDI forces were the only ones that actually deployed them in the campaign. However, in skirmish/multiplayer matches, the MSA is readily available to any GDI or Nod commander.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The MSA became available in version 1.5, and is available from Mutant Garages and Mutant Mercenary Outposts. It was given to the Forgotten to give them a good stealth detection device and to bring it back into the game without off-balancing any of the sides too much. It is highly effective in defending a base when playing against Nod, as they can detect incoming Vertigo Bombers well before they can drop their bombs.

As of Ver. 2.0, the Mobile Sensor Array remains available for purchase from the Mutant Mercenary Outpost.


  • In the World Builder, a GDI version of the Mobile Sensor Array can be found. It functions exactly like the mutant version in-game.


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