Mutant Hovel
Faction Forgotten
Cost -
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Build Time -
Role Production structure
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The Mutant Hovel is a G-330X habitat module, built by the Global Defense Initiative and inhabited and customized by the Forgotten.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

These modules were deployed by the GDI in Yellow Zones and borderline Red Zones as a token of good faith to the self-exiled mutants, and possibly as a bribe to cut back on the raids and ambushes that some of the mutants perpetrate upon their installations and operations. Currently, these modules serve as living quarters, command centers and barracks of local mutant populations. With excellent life support and durability against environmental hazards, these hovels serve as hubs for mutant activity.

Upon being captured, the mutant mercenaries inside the hovel may offer their service to the commander that owns it, for a price of course.


  • Mutant Hovels can only be seen in custom maps, as the original Mutant Hovel was replaced by the Mutant Mercenary Outpost
  • Special Feral Mutants can only be trained from the Mutant Hovel, and they are armed with a lightning gun

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