Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 1100
Produced By Airfield
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Air Support/Patroling
Armament Hellfire Air-to-ground Missiles
Upgrades Sensor Pod


Abilities Pulse Scan
Requirements -
The A-15 Orca Gunship is the third major variant of the Orca Aircraft.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Easily the most advanced and successful, the A-15 Orca 'Gunship' (a term produced, to differentiate it from previous Orca "Fighters" in the previous wars) is by far the most effecient version yet, of all the Orca designs.

The development of a new Orca 'fighter' was initially set in motion after the Firestorm Crisis, to further counteract Nod stealth operations while still patrol large areas without surface contact, as the terrain in Yellow and Redzones was very rough. However, It was discovered by aircraft production designers that the technologies needed for such operations, would better fit a 'gunship' design rather than a 'fighter'. And so came the A-15.

Armed with a payload of 6 Hellfire Air-to-surface missiles, an attachable Vulcan Minigun, and deployable sensor pods which could detect stealth units in a large radius; this aircraft proved extremely successful at both close air support, and long range scout patroling.


Two Orca 'Gunships', firing both their Hellfire missiles, and Vulcan Miniguns.

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