Planetary Assault Carrier
Faction Scrin
Cost 3000
Produced By Gravity Stabilizer
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Heavy assault air vessel
Armament 8x Invader-class fighters

Ion storm generator (requires upgrade)

Upgrades Ion Storm Generators

Heavy Forcefield Generators

Abilities Heal in Ion Storm

Generate Ion Storm

Requirements Signal Transmitter
Planetary Assault Carriers are among the most fearsome and powerful Scrin aircraft witnessed during the Third Tiberium War.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Each Carrier arrives above the battlefield armed with a contingent of smaller Scrin Invader fighters, which immediately detach from it and swarm around their target, firing flechettes of dense plasma with deadly accuracy. When working together, these fighters are able to deal significant damage upon nearly all class of units and structures, and if destroyed, the Carrier is capable of "growing" replacements until their numbers are replenished. However, carriers are perhaps most dangerous when generating an ion storm after being equipped with an Ion Storm Generator on board; it has been observed that these ships, as well as the other types of Scrin aircraft, actually regain hull integrity when directly exposed to the powerful electromagnetic emissions of an ion storm, to the contrary of human forces. Finally, Planetery Assault Carriers can also be upgraded with Forcefield Generators and shroud themselves inside a protective forcefield similar to that of an Annihilator Tripod.


  • As of version 1.5, the Planetary Assault Carrier unit, together with the Devastator Warship, has been fully remodeled into a much less insectoid aspect, unlike in the vanilla version of Tiberium Wars, resulting in a slight but noticeable resemblance to the Protoss Carrier from StarCraft. The original aim was for a similar design to the large spaceships appearing in the cinematic prologue of the Scrin campaign in the original game.


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