CnC3 Rift-1-
Faction Scrin
Cost -
Unlocked By Rift Generator
Style Super Weapon
The Rift is an ability that may be launched every 7 minutes after the Rift Generator has been constructed.

Tiberium Essence Edit

It is the Scrin's super weapon, comparable to the Brotherhood of Nod's Nuclear Missile and the Global Defense Initiative's Ion Cannon in its role. It does the least amount of damage of any of the super weapons, but has the same damage over the entire area of effect. Furthermore, it lasts the longest of all super weapons, allowing the targeted player(s) to begin to repair their structures even while under attack which can save many structures from complete destruction. For example, Ion Cannon and Nuclear Missile can destroy a superweapon structure or a GDI Construction Yard, a Nod Construction Yard or a Drone Platform with a direct hit, but if they were hit by a Rift, they can be repaired and therefore saved.

As of 1.6 Beta, the Rift effect has been changed. The superweapon opens a Tiberium Rift, possibly from another dimension, that fires a long lasting beam of Tiberium into the target area. While visually different, its damage remains pretty much the same as the old Rift.


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