Rift Generator
Rift Generator
Faction Scrin
Cost 7500
Produced By Drone Platform
Build Time 1:30
Role Superweapon Structure
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Rift (Support Power)
Requirements -
The Rift Generator is a powerful Scrin superweapon, one that displays a level of technological prowess dwarfing even the advanced technology of GDI's Ion Cannon.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Rift Generator is one of the last Scrin structures available for construction. It is built from the Drone Platform only, and houses the Scrin's most powerful weapon. When activated, the Rift Generator generates a Tiberium Rift on the battlefield, which fires a long lasting beam of Tiberium into the target area. However, the structure requires a massive amount of power as well as a long "charging" time in order to fire. With the new Rift effect in version 1.5, the structure also received a slight visual update.


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