Saboteur icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 500 Credits
Produced By Hand of Nod
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Sabotage and capturing of enemy structures
Armament -
Upgrades Forced Evolution
Abilities Stealthed while standing still

Capture Building

Booby Trap

Repair bridge

Repair building

Requirements -
The Saboteur is the Brotherhood basic engineering unit with years of training in the art of sabotage.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

At the closing chapters of the Second Tiberium War, Nod stopped its Engineer program and began the Saboteur program instead. They have been trained to perfection in the art of sabotage, and like the Engineers before them, they are able to capture enemy structures and neutral structures such as Tiberium Spikes and Mutant Hovels in the area. The Saboteur is also train to use Nod's latest explosives to booby trap buildings, preventing the enemies from garrisoning or capturing them. Like the Cyborg Hijacker and the Black Hand Commando, the Saboteurs are equipped with personal stealth generators, allowing them to remain cloaked while staying still.

In version 1.5, the Saboteur received a small visual update, as well as the ability to remain stealthed while immobile.


  • As of Version 1.6, the Saboteurs do not seem to benefit from the Forced Evolution even though it appears in the unit's upgrade bar, and can still be killed by Tiberium exposure even after the upgrade is purchased.

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