The Scrin emblem

The Scrin are a powerful and technologically advanced alien race that created the Tacitus. Calling Tiberium "Ichor", the Visitors have a dependence on the substance and will die if they do not receive Tiberium infusion from a Relay Node. The Scrin are suspected to be the ones who originally seeded Earth with Tiberium using a meteor, intending to harvest the mineral after it had reached a sufficient level by extracting them with Threshold Towers. For more in-depth and canon information about the Scrin go here.

Tiberian Dawn Edit

UFO Ren1 Game1

UFO in Tiberian Dawn

During the final days of the First Tiberium War. A lone GDI commando, assaulted a Nod base in Cairo. In the process of the attack the lone GDI commando found a crash UFO in the Nod complex. It is Known that in this ship contain and Unknown sphere like object. The ship can clearly be said to be of Scrin origin.

Tiberian SunEdit

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Alien warship in Tiberian Sun

Prior to the Scrin invasion during the Third Tiberium War, there was already signs of extraterrestrial life operating on Earth. Such as the crashed UFO that was found within the Nod complex near Cairo during the First Tiberium War. A Nod ship was based on alien technology. The Tacitus itself was not only believed to be of extraterrestrial origin, but GDI decoding between the Second and Third Tiberium War found a warning about a future alien invasion.The alien warship could be an old model to the current Leviathan Mothership.

Tiberium EssenceEdit


Example of Scrin Power in Tiberium Essence

In Tiberium Essence, the Scrin gains many powerful new units. Such as the Stalwarts, the Conqueror, and the Leviathan Mothership. Some of their original units, such as the Planetery Assault Carrier and the Devastator Warship, also received a complete remodeling.


Scrin StrategiesEdit

25px-CNCTW Scrin Emblem-1- Scrin Tiberium Essence Arsenal 25px-CNCTW Scrin Emblem-1-

BuzzersDisintegratorsAssimilatorShock TroopersStalwartsPacifierMastermindEradicatorsContaminator


RazorbackSeekerDevourerScrin HarvesterExplorerMantaCorrupterReaverAnnihilatorConquerorTalos


StormriderDrone ShipRavage GunshipDevastator WarshipPlanetery Assault CarrierLeviathan MothershipScourge




Drone PlatformIchor ReactorExtractorPortalWarp SphereNerve CenterGravity StabilizerStasis ChamberTechnology AssemblerSignal TransmitterFoundry

Support Structures

Buzzer HiveLightning SpikePlasma Missile BatteryGrowth AcceleratorScrin Wall HubStorm ColumnRift GeneratorAlien Outpost

Support Powers

Tiberium Vibration ScanThe SwarmDecoy ArmyStasis ShieldPhase FieldMeteor StrikeWormholeIon StormRift


Tiberium HiveLight Forcefield GeneratorsParticle AcceleratorsBlink PacksTiberium IntegrationTeleport BeaconsTiberium EnhancementsIon Storm GeneratorsHeavy Forcefield GeneratorsTiberium Addition