Cc3 scrin seeker
Faction Scrin
Cost 850
Produced By Warp Sphere
Build Time 0:12
Role AT-AA Light Tank
Armament Plasma Disc Launcher
Upgrades Tiberium Enhancements

Light Forcefield Generators

Abilities Heal in Tiberium

Amphibious Propulsion

Combine with Buzzers

Requirements -
The Seekers are Scrin techno-organic constructs, apparently designed for scouting and reconnaissance.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Thanks to their ability to 'glide' over the battlefield, Seekers boast a high degree of speed and maneuverability. They are armed with plasma disc launchers that are effective against light vehicles and aircraft, but less effective against infantry. They are relatively lightly armoured, making them ill-suited for engaging heavy vehicles such as tanks without numerical superiority or support from more powerful units, such as Mantas.The Seekers can be upgraded with the Tiberium Enhancements upgrade and the Light Forcefield Generators upgrade, increasing their firepower and survivability, and actually allowing them to be useful in the late-game.


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