Shadow Squad
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 800
Produced By Hand of Nod
Build Time 0:08
Role Infiltration/Reconnaissance
Armament Dual machine pistols

Laser pistols (with Laser Capacitors upgrade)

Upgrades Laser Capacitors
Abilities Stealthed when not attacking

Detect Stealth

Glide Packs

Detonation Pack (ground)

Micro Bombs (air)

Requirements Secret Shrine
Shadow Squads serve as the Brotherhood of Nod's primary infiltration unit.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

With Nod's ever ongoing advancements into stealth technology, the Shadow Squad seems like a natural product of these developments. Produced some time after the Firestorm Crisis, these highly elite Black Hand warriors were trained similarly to the ninjas of ancient Asia, with the ability to perform extreme acrobatics and covert assassinations, the Shadows are considered the most deadly infiltration units in the world.

When GDI intelligence first gained information on these warriors, many commanders were gribbed by extreme paranoia. As stories of base defenses suddenly going offline because of power failure caused by unexplainable sabotage, leaving facilites completely exposed, reached the masses of GDI forces, it induced fear into grunts and officers alike.

Each 'Shadow' is armed with a pair of machine pistols, which are extremely deadly against all infantry, and can be upgraded with Laser Capacitors to cause additional damage. They also carry a demolition pack to sabotage vulnerable structures. Their Powered Hang Gliders allow them to paraglide in the air until ordered to land. These have proven most successful when flying over base defenses or rough terrain. While paragliding, they can drop micro bombs on top of enemies.

For quick Shadow deployment, a Nod commander may request Shadow Strike Team.


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