Shock Trooper
Cc3 scrin shock
Faction Scrin
Cost 750
Produced By Portal
Build Time 0:08
Role Anti-tank / Anti-air infantry
Armament Plasma Disc Launcher
Upgrades Tiberium Integration

Blink Packs

Abilities Blink Packs (Upgrade)

Heal in Tiberium

Requirements Nerve Center

Stasis Chamber

The Shock Troopers are the Scrin's advanced infantry units.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Shock Troopers are rounded, insect-like techno-organic constructs roughly the size of a small car. These units are deployed in squads of three and responsible for attacking major Earth cities during the initial stages of the Scrin invasion. Their plasma discs are effective against armored units, and they are also effective against light infantry and structures when in bigger groups. The Shock Troopers can be upgraded with Blink Packs that allow them to teleport instantaneously from one point on the battlefield to another within a short distance. They can also be upgraded with Tiberium Integration to further boost their combat effectiveness.

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