Shredder Turret
Shredder icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 600
Produced By Nod Construction Yard

Nod Crane

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Role Anti-infantry defense
Armament Shrapnel Rifles
Upgrades Tiberium Particle Beams
Abilities -
Requirements Nod Power Plant

The Shredder Turret is Nod's basic anti-infantry defense structure. The structure's appearance has changed since version 1.5 as it was given a more sturdy look, it still has the Tiberium Particle Beams upgrade given to it in version 1.4

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Shredder Turret uses Nod's usual dual-turret and hub defense system. Therefore, it can cover a larger area than it's counterparts but with the same efficiency as them. The Shredder fires high-power shrapnels that can cut through most battle armor types. It has been reported to act as a huge shotgun with a great range, arguably making it the most powrful AP defense structure in the game. Once upgraded, it can fire Tiberium Particle Beams that are able to destroy even light vehicles.


  • The Shredder Turret was planned to be replaced by a Napalm Launcher[1] in version 1.5, but the idea was scrapped, since the short range of the Napalm Launchers make them ineffective against missile infantry. The Shredder Turret was given a new design instead.


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