Faction Scrin
Cost 1200
Produced By Portal
Build Time 0:12
Role AP\AS Heavy Infantry
Armament Fusion Rifle

Electric Spear

Upgrades Blink Packs

Tiberium Integration

Abilities Close Range Attack

Blink Pack

Requirements Technology Assembler
Stalwarts are the Scrin's elite assault infantry. Unlike most other Scrin units, they possess a more humanoid frame and aspect, though still with several alien, "bug-like" features such as their techno-organic carapace. Their most outstanding characteristic, however, is their ability to mimic human speech.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Stalwarts are armed with fusion rifles, capable of annihilating enemy infantry units and buildings with swiftness, as fitting for their assault role in the Scrin military. Their heavy armor, much more resistant than other Scrin infantry, provide them of great endurance during a fight, and their ability to use their other arm, armed with a high-voltage lightning blade, enable them to clear enemy garrison in seconds as well as damage enemy vehicles.

In addition, they can be upgraded at the Stasis Chamber with Tiberium Integration, which increases their health and firepower, and Blink Packs for teleportation.


  • The Stalwart is based on the original concept of the Scrin race as conceptualized by Westwood Studios for the game Tiberian Incursion.
  • They use the voice clips of the Enlightened from Kane's Wrath, modified to sound deeper.


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