Faction Scrin
Cost 1400
Produced By Gravity Stabilizer
Build Time 0:18
Role Anti-vehicle / anti-air aircraft
Armament Plasma Cannon

Airburst Plasma Missile (upgrade)

Upgrades Light Forcefield Generators

Airburst Plasma Missile

Abilities Return to Base

Heal in Ion Storm 10% armor + attack damage bonus in Ion Storm

Requirements -
The Stormriders are Scrin fast-attack aircraft designed for extended operations in a combat zone, produced at the Gravity Stabilizer.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Stormrider is fast and versatile, as it has the ability to engage both air and ground targets. Its energy weapon holds an unlimited supply of ammo, and therefore needs no refueling at a Gravity Stabilizer, but oddly, the Stormriders' numbers depend on the number of Gravity Stabilizers, as they need them to repair and they can hold only four at a time, possibly because each Gravity Stabilizer can only coordinate 4 of them at a time. The Stormrider can also repair when flying in an Ion Storm, while its combat capabilities are also enhanced. Finally, the Stormrider can be upgraded with Tiberium Enhancements which upgrades their weapon to Tiberium Energy Weapon and gives more armor to make it a much more menacing weapon on the field, and with Airburst Plasma Missile, which gives Stormriders extended anti-air capabilities in the form of a powerful plasma missile, that automatically targets nearby hostile air units.


  • The Stormrider's design is supposed to have been the base of the Banshee's design.


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