Satellite photo from Supply Base B-9

Supply Base B-9 is GDI's main supply depot in South Western United States. Built in the late 2020's, GDI used the facility to train infantry and reinforce their army during the Second Tiberium War. It is also fitted with launch pad for launching GPS satellites into the orbit for military purposes.

Nuclear warheadsEdit

After the Second Tiberium War, GDI decided to move their nuclear warheads from Europe to United States and Australia. CABAL could be taken as serious threat even though the Core was destroyed during the final days in operation Core of the Problem. Three warheads were transferred to North Carolina's underground facilities and another three into Australian outback's GDI base "Sheppard".

The warheads in North Carolina were transferred to Supply Base B-9 when Nod activity was at its highest in 2047

Operation Nuclear HeistEdit

Nod launched Operation Nuclear Heist in 2048. The purpose of the operation was to steal the nuclear warheads from Supply Base B-9. The second objective was to destroy the whole base.

During the Operation Nuclear Heist in the United States, a similar operation started in Australia, as Nod forces were ordered to steal the other three nuclear warheads from GDI.


Nod mission "Operation Nuclear Heist" (formerly known as simply "Supply Base Bravo Niner") is not released to the public yet, but most likely will be released after Tiberium Essence 1.5 is out.