Tech Lab
Tech Lab
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 4000
Produced By Nod Construction Yard

Nod Crane

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Role Tech Structure
Armament -
Upgrades -
Abilities Research Tiberium Fuel

Research Tiberium Missiles

Research Drilling Mechanism

Research Tiberium Power Pack

Install Portable Stealth Generators

Call in Subterranean Strike

Requirements Operations Center

The Tech Lab provides Nod's most advanced upgrades and access to high tier units, other than the Montauk and Cyborg Commando, as well as allows the construction of Tiberium Chemical Plant, Obelisk of Light and Temple of Nod.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

The Tech Lab is one of the last available structures to a Nod commander, and is the core of Tier 3 units, buildings, upgrades and support powers. The Tech Lab is not a valuable target though, as its existence is not of vital importance to a base, unlike that of a Construction Yard or Refinery, and is only targeted if the enemy wishes the player to stop the Nod commander from building a specific unit or to prevent him from researching certain upgrades. The Tech Lab has heavy armor and can barely survive a Rift, but not an Ion Cannon Strike or a Nuclear Missile. It is the largest of all Tier 3 Technology structures and the only true pyramid shaped structure among the main factions, making it very easily identifiable to a GDI Commander or a Scrin Foreman who wishes to destroy it.



  • The appearance of this structure is very similar to the Redeemer Engineering Facility from Kane's Wrath, as both are based on the Nod Pyramids from Tiberian Sun.

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