Tiberium Vibration Scan
Tib Scan
Faction Scrin
Cost 500
Unlocked By Nerve Center
Style Intelligence
The Tiberium Vibration Scan is a Scrin's support power used to explore unreveal terrain.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

As its name suggests, the support power scans the battlefield for the harmonic vibrations generated by Tiberium. It reveals everything that has any connection to Tiberium, such as Extractors, Tiberium Chemical Plants, both GDI Refineries and Nod Refineries, and GDI and Nod Silos. It can even reveal Nod Power Plants, should they be upgraded with Liquid Tiberium Cores. It is very useful to Scrin foremen, as the support power can find enemy bases without having to scout out the whole battlefield. It also reveals the location of Tiberium Spike and Tiberium Silo tech structures. This support power is another major example of the Scrin's mastery of Tiberium.

No changes have been made to this Support Power in Tiberium Essence as of Version 1.6


  • This power can also reveal Tiberium glaciers in Red Zone maps.
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