Titan icon
Faction Global Defense Initiative
Cost 1400
Produced By GDI War Factory
Build Time 0:17
Role Anti-armor medium walker
Armament 120mm cannon (Railgun after upgrade)
Upgrades Reactive Armor

Railgun Upgrade

Abilities Can shoot over walls

Call for transport

Requirements None

The Titan-class Medium Mechanized Battle Walker is GDI's main anti-armor vehicle. It is equipped with a 120mm cannon that can be further upgraded with Railguns.

Tiberian SunEdit

In Tiberian Sun, the Titan was GDI's basic anti-tank unit with the same cost as the Nod Tick Tank. Because of its tall legs, it was capable of firing to higher ground like cliffs. It was very effective against most vehicles and had longer range than basic base turret defense making it the perfect counter to them. Its main weaknesses was its low effectiveness versus infantry and inability to engage aircraft, making it easy prey to them.

Tiberium EssenceEdit

In Tiberium Essence, the Titan keeps most of its characteristics. After setting up a Command Post in a GDI base, local Titans in activity can benefit from the Reactive Armor upgrade, which vastly enhances their hull integrity. Their 120mm anti-tank cannons in turn can be upgraded through a Tech Center into powerful railguns, not only increasing the kinetic energy of the shells, and thus their damage output, but also their accuracy. The Titan is the strongest and most expensive tier 1 anti-tank vehicle; its greatest weakness, however, are its legs, where a Commando can easily place explosives, destroying the whole mech in mere seconds. Therefore, having Wolverines or Goliath APC's for anti-infantry support is recommended. The Titan received a visual update in version 1.5.


  • The Titan has a husk that can be used in the World Builder. It is fully functional.
  • In the World Builder there are two Titans. The one that has replaced the Predator Tank and the one that was buildable along with the Predator.
  • Because Titans replace regular Predator Tanks, Intelligence Database File "Predator Battle Tank" in GDI Mission "Nod's Last Stand" cannot be obtained.

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