Vertigo Bomber
Vertigo Icon
Faction Brotherhood of Nod
Cost 1500
Produced By Air Tower
Build Time {{{build time}}}
Role Anti-Structure


Armament 1x Groundpounder Bomb

1x Rear AA Turrent

Upgrades -
Abilities Stealthed
Requirements Tech Lab
The Vertigo is a next generation VTOL bomber in the service of Nod.
Vertigo Landed

A Vertigo landed on an Air Tower

Tiberium EssenceEdit

Equipped with visual cloaking. It is a powerful batwing aircraft carrying one high explosive Groundpounder bomb, and is equipped with an effective stealth generator and VTOL engines. Its primary role is destroying large structures and vehicles located deep within enemy bases, thanks to its stealth capabilities. For defense against pursuing aircraft, the Vertigo has a single chaingun turret in the rear of the plane, though the power of this weapon is lackluster. The articulated exhaust nozzles for the jet allow the Vertigo to conduct vertical take-offs and landings along with giving excellent maneuverability for such a large aircraft.

The craft is constructed in the Nod Air Tower, which can support and maintain up to four Vertigo bombers. It has a sleek, aerodynamic profile that allows it to fly at high speeds and engage the enemy before any anti-air weaponry reaches it. It is a rough equivalent of the GDI Firehawk, though it is better at air-to-ground combat to compensate for its lacking air-to-air ordinance, as while doing moderate damage, covers only the rear 180 degrees and can't be compared to a Stormrider's plasma guns or Firehawk's Rattlesnake missiles. As such, stealth remains the bomber's primary defense.

Its Groundpounder bomb is slightly altered since version 1.4; it no longer causes significant damage to heavier vehicles like Mammoth Tanks, but is even deadlier against structures. The bomb is filled with napalm, which burns for a few seconds after the bomb has detonated, damaging the target over time.

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